Project development

  • Preliminary planning phase, implementation of the project.
  • Development of the concept, feasibility studies.
  • Preparation of the building permit application process, presentation to local planning boards and local permit granting authorities.
  • Environmental permit application.

Project controlling

  • Representation of the investor.
  • Building site management, documentation of the project.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Cost control and project scheduling.

Project management

  • Concept design, building permit plans, project execution planning.
  • Preliminary quantity surveying in cooperation with all design-engineers.
  • Tendering, letters of inquiry (request for quotation), commissioning of the construction works.
  • Supervision of a construction site, check of quantity surveying, cost control.
  • Verification of as-built documentation.
  • Application for a certificate of occupancy.

Construction site management

Fill key positions of the project according to Polish construction law:

  • Site Head Manager (Kierownik Budowy)
  • Construction Works Managers (branżowi Kierownicy Robót)
  • Construction Inspectors (Inspektorzy Nadzoru)
  • Construction Safety Managers (specjaliści BHP)